Brunch Talk WLB Series: Business & Careers


Allow me to share on what happened on 31 Julai 2019, Persatuan Semarak Cinta Kasih (Spread Love) together with Serigreen Landscape Sdn Bhd has been collaborating for materializing the “Brunch Talk WLB Series”. The event was done at the beautiful and serenading Telang 18, Hulu Langat.

The weather was perfect even a slight drizzle of rain making the venue feels much nicer as it brought down the heat and making. The event was making a significant remark by inviting remarkable women from our “Winning Women” series to share their vision and inspirational journey to the audience on that day.


Apart from the sharing session, the event also celebrating Malaysian Entrepreneurs who won the “Outstanding ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs 2019” which the event was held in 29 Mei 2019, Bangkok, Thailand.  The session also included a short session with the winners on their contribution to the community. Sharing was made by Nadira Yusoff, Yan Lim and Sarimah Saibuddin.


The AWEN award was to honor women from all sectors and industries – from micro, small, medium and big corporation who have been contributing to the ASEAN community.

I am glad that this event brought everyone together and we had fun with activities that have been part of the event.



I cannot wait for the next event!




Congratulations SSP Winds!


I am back to Malaysia after 8 days spending my time with my family in Sydney, Australia. My trip to Sydney was to accompany my daughter and her team SSP Winds for the 30th Australian International Music Festival 2019. Of course, it is our proudest moment as my daughter is representing Malaysia and to make it even glorious that the girls bagged a Gold award for the highly prestigious music festival.

As part of the Parents-Teacher Association (PTA) of Sekolah Seri Puteri Cyberjaya, I would like to congratulate the girls who have been giving 150% commitment to making it happen, unconditional support from the teacher as well as the parents. I am proud of this achievement and this is something worth to be shared among my fellow readers. Your children will appreciate your support and I assure you, I and husband have been the biggest cheer team to all our 6 children. Keeping our bonding strong actually will help them to feel safe as they have a very solid support system throughout their journey from a young age.

Juggling around between work, personal life and family, it has never been an easy thing to do. People may say that I am capable because I am financially capable hence I get to do everything however I still have 24 hours like everyone else.

Between 24 hours of my time, I have made segmentation and prioritize based on the state of urgency as well as the impact. Hence, that explains why as a Muslim, the 5 times prayer basically a thumb rule on organizing your life, time as well as managing your obligations as Muslim.

Hence, for myself, I always have a planner book. From there I will go through all my schedules that basically surrounds my family and business. I always believe if you fail to plan, you are actually planning to fail. One thing that I feel should have to be better in control is procrastination.

This is actually simple tips from me to those who are struggling in managing their life. 24 hours of life can be started early as you do unproductive things earlier and manage yourself with more productive things half of the day or at least 1/4 of 24 hours. As we effectively use time, you can achieve more in life. Hence, the phrase “Early Birds” emphasize exclusivity to those who do not procrastinate.

Before I end this writing, I am sharing a few articles about their amazing achievements as well as photos taken during our recent trip.

My husband took this picture and perfectly fit as gull flew in.


Till we meet again Sydney!




The importance of being in an organization – to move forward and beyond

Formal organization (nonprofit or profitable) basically were made and governed by certain rules and regulations as well as certain act. The organization is expected to be managed to ensure the organization meeting its objective as well as giving back the benefits to the member of the organization. By taking part in the organization, a member should be entitled to build their confidence as well as building good rapport in communication.

As a member of many organizations, I would strongly recommend everyone to join any organization that you have a special interest and willing to give your commitment. Most of the organization were built to encourage the involvement of individual as this is also will help to improve human development and interaction among the community. Being a member of the organization, it is our responsibility to understand the principals, objective, mission, and vision of the organization as this is important to keep everyone in the organization at same par and understanding.

I have signed to numbers of organizations which I personally feel that what makes me going. Not limiting myself to organizations that related to women, I have signed up to organizations that related to my children, business as well as entrepreneur organizations. One that I have been committed for a very long time is Peniagawati.

Allow me to share about PENIAGAWATI. PENIAGAWATI is an organization with the main objective to develop the women entrepreneur of Bumiputera segment as well as in their profession. The cut through of the mission is through quantity and quality as well as to improve their wellbeing. I have registered myself in the organization since 2015 and this year (2019) will be my 4th anniversary with Peniagawati and overall of 24 years in other NGO.


Alhamdulillah, I was appointed to various task and portfolio for the past 24 years. The most recent as Vice President 1 for the term 2017-2019 and was elected again for term 2019 – 2021. I am humbled with this appointment and I will strive my best to give the best to this organization as well as the community.

Here’s my sharing to you on the activities that I have attended under Peniagawati. I would like to congratulate the previous exco line up for the good job and my welcome to the new line.


Till next time!


ASEAN: You have been wonderful!

Asia is always unique on its own. The people, nature, and culture are amazing. Look how amazing our Malaysia has become. People from different ethnic, language and background started as traders which later became a melting pot and later assimilated with local. Look how unique our Peranakan community for instance which symbolizes cultural assimilation in Malaysia as well as in Singapore (which formerly part of Tanah Melayu).

The intro to my writing today is slightly different as I have given a chance to explore a country that is full of tradition and wonderful culture. I have attended ASEAN Women’s Business Conference which the event is focusing on empowering ASEAN women and making a global impact on the economy especially.

The three days event were amazing as I am writing this, I cannot stop thinking how amazing people of Thailand in making the forum, award ceremony and gala night an event to remember. I will share more about my field trip to one of the biggest corporations (local based) in Thailand that I have been given a chance to experience their company operation as well as being indulged by the Thai hospitality.

Allow me to share the objective of the forum which makes AWEN Strategic Work Plan role more prominent by connecting, sharing, and exchanging knowledge and experiences through various action impact platforms and channels as well as to promote economic empowerment for women of ASEAN countries. The event has been organized by ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network, ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs Network- Thailand and Ministry of Social Development and Human Security, Thailand.


As part of the program, the participants have been sent to a field trip which through the trip participant will be experiencing Thailand as a growing country as well as to learn  Thailand as a potential country to partner in business.

Despite the trip and forums, I have been nominated as an awardee of AWEN: ASEAN Women Entrepreneur Network for an “Outstanding Asean Women Entrepreneur Award 2019”.



Alhamdulillah, it was indeed beyond my expectation to receive this award. First and foremost, I would like to say thank you to Allah.

It feels my prayers have been answered and I would like to send gratitude to the Almighty for all the great things that have been overpouring me. It was honored to receive this award from the Royal Highness Princess Bajrakitiyabha Mahidol of Thailand.

I would like to use this event as a stepping stone for me in branding ADLA as leading regional school of an entrepreneur hence as well as recognize inspiring achievements and contributions of ASEAN Women Entrepreneurs.

I am sharing more pictures from the event inclusive of the GALA night. It was indeed amazing and yes, ASEAN you have been amazing!


Ramadhan : Spread kindness and love

Assalamualaikum wbt

First and foremost I would like to thank ALLAH for His blessings and graciousness that I and my family completed our Umrah for this year. Our journey was simply divine and humble which this is something that I have been looking forward through this year. Hence, I truly believe that building a connection with your creator will only make you stronger and that is the main reason why spiritual is one of the pillars in the concept of  Work life balance that I have been advocating all this while.

On my previous posting, I have shared about our recent program on Winning Women, which I am proud to share what we have accomplished a few more program for the month of May in conjunction of Mothers’ Day as well as celebrating Ramadhan – the holy month.

This year, we celebrated Mothers’ Day with a little twist by introducing our new community project through a non-goverment organization. This organization which initially was a Corporate Social Responsibility of ADLA Group Sdn Bhd, which under the name of “Spread love “. The organization later on has been registered and became Persatuan Semarak Cinta Kasih (Spreadlove) with the main objective is to support the motion of women empowerment as well as giving back to the community through education and support.

On 9th May 2019, my ADLA team have successfully conducted our launching of “Spread Love” together with Mothers’ Day celebration at Dewan Seri Hatinie, Shah Alam. The event was officiated by the Wife of Menteri Besar Selangor – Puan Masdiana Mohammad. Besides the launching, we have invited guest speakers to share on women’s role in Islam as well as perfecting themselves as a role model women.

Alhamdulillah. It captured my attention as well as my audience. My guests seem to enjoy the session throughout the day. That’s a huge relief  🙂



Moving to the mid-Ramadhan, just like the previous year, I will usually plan an iftar (breakfasting) with tahfiz children, children of orphanage or single mothers. This is personally to allow me to do more charity in this holy month. I am sure I am not the only one who wants to get multiple rewards in this blessing month.

Allow me to share my gratefulness to Allah for the rizq and health. On the 17 May 2019, located at Nine Kedondong, we have accomplished another project under the initiative of Spread love. We have successfully invited more than 30 children of the orphanage, 60 tahfiz children and 10 single mothers celebrated together with our other guests.

What more can I say? Only Alhamdulillah. Without Allah’s permission, this probably not happening. I have strong teammates that I must give credits for their hard work as well as our partner contributors of the day.

Allow me to share some image that I love to share with my fellow readers here.


Last but not least, before I pen down this writing, I would like to wish all Muslims EID MUBARAK.  May the blessings of Allah fill your life with happiness and open all the doors of success now and always.

Say it with Flowers (1).png






La Empresaria: Business and life must go on


As this writing being published, I have landed in holy land of Mecca, Saudi Arabia for another umrah trip with my family. It has been challenging these few months however I feel the only thing I need to do is to reconnect with my creator – Allah. Having said that, Ramadan is the best month to cleanse and reviving our connection with the creator.

This universe does not on its own. For sure, it is never flat. One of the ayatul Quran that always struck in my head is – Then which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny? – 055 (Ar-Rahman [The Beneficent, The Mercy Giving]). The ayat itself has been repeatedly said in the same surah which I took it how Allah has been pouring me with His blessings and good things. I am grateful for that.

One of the opportunities that I would like to share the invitation for myself to Oxford University back in April 2019 where I went to United Kingdom by the under the 21st Century CEO Leadership Programme.  The course was held from 1st April to 7th April 2019. It was very insightful as this not only crossing borders of knowledge. Through this journey, I learn about making a sturdy marketing pipeline as well as advancing the communication through technology.

This year, we also have made a prominent step by introducing our own coffee table book “Winning Women” earlier in our International Work Life Balance Forum Year 2018. The book was not only meant to commemorate leading women but also to showcase ADLA as the biggest support on women empowerment.

The hi-tea was launched by the wife of Menteri Besar Selangor – Puan Masdiana Mohammad. Together with here, 30 women who were featured in the book were invited to the event to celebrate their success. It was simple yet very impactful and bring a lot of attention as the event running fully by women.

Before I end this piece, I love to quote this beautiful message on women empowerment to ensure why women should be helping each other:

“Love and respect women everywhere you meet. And take utmost care not to dominate any woman or girl in the world.” By Avijeet Das.

Simply divine.  Have a great week ahead!

Sarawak – The land of warrior and opportunities

It has been a while that I do not write about my company, whereabouts and so forth. But fret not, I am here in the blog space to share about what happened in the past few months.

Let me start with Sarawak – the land of hornbills. The beautiful landscape of Sarawak, rich in natural resources and culture finally gave us an opportunity to share about our ongoing program under ADLA which is the – International Work Life Balance. It has been held at the Pullman, Kuching, located in the centre of Kuching town.

We were amazed by the hospitality of fellow Sarawakian which we personally feel that we should do more amazing things with Sarawak. Our event was only half of the day but glad that our speaker and guests were happy with the content as well as the takeback points that definitely something can be applied in life or career.

The core mission for this event basically to promote platform in advocating the work life balance to women in Sarawak. We brought panelists and speaker that some has been in our “Winning Women” book. We never get tired to bring real people with real inspiration as this is to bring the real feeling and sense of attachment between the audience and speaker.

The event was officiated by the Yang Berhormat Hajah Sharifah Hasidah Binti Sayeed Aman Ghazali, Assistant Minister of Law, State-Federal Relations & Project Monitoring. We were grateful that the event caught her attention and she understood very well on the importance of work life balance in women especially as the change of role in workplace or home.


Here’s some of photos that I want to share taken from the event.




From this year 2019, I want to bring ADLA forward. I have planned exciting events that will accommodate the needs of every entrepreneur out there who is hungry for attention and guidance to strive for excellencies.

Allow me to share again about ADLA. The words that form to our company’s name were abbreviations from Advisory, Development, Learning and Achievement. Through these, we have built a solid foundation about ADLA’s direction and mission in lifelong learning and development industry.

For year 2019, I promise that you will be excited. As much as I am. Salam Ramadhan and till next time!

With Love

Datin Leez A Hassan

Salute to the glorious ending of 2018 : For many more success to come


It was a great year again for me and my team here. I must admit, without my team, I could never think we strike flying colors again. The International Work Life Balance Forum 2018 was a great event that brought all women entrepreneurs under one roof and sharing their expertise and knowledge.

The most important focal point is how work life balance can ease your life in different ways and methods. Through the event, we consolidated the fun, life, and blessings as we walk through the journey, we called life. I was honored to meet every participant and definitely excited to hear from the expertise and successful woman themselves what have they gained in road to success.

Together on that day, we have officially announced our “Winning Women” book to celebrate success story and also to emphasize women empowerment in the key industry that suitable enough to be your mentor. As we gathered, we came to conclusion that even though that you have to lose some, you know you have won so much in your life. Success can certainly achievable, through passion, hard work, and persistence.

Allow me to extend gratitude to partners and sponsors : Without their wonderful and continuous support, I am quite sure that we cannot materialize the event successfully.

My wonderful panelist, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am honored to have such brilliant panelist for the event. They are truly amazing people and really inspiring me and surely the rest of the participant. I shall look forward to more collaboration in the future.

This is certainly not the ending of our journey, especially in advocating our key to happiness pillars. I trust through knowledge sharing, brainstorming, mentoring and networking will bring us closer to our

It has been challenging, yes – hard even, I’ll admit that. But highly necessary. I’ve learned that it is through the toughest times that you learn the most. A refining fire was necessary to make us stronger, healthier and better. It was exactly what we needed to prepare us for 2019. And as 2018 curtains fell down, I am breathing a sigh of relief. We made it. I am grateful I didn’t miss what would be one of most critical inflection points for ADLA especially.

We’re now gearing up for the scheduled event from January 2019 onward and making sure our plans are smooth because there is no room for failure. We are focusing on bringing you the best women empowerment as well as the program to bring the best of all types of woman. It will be limited, so let me tell you, order early & don’t miss out.

2018 for ADLA was anything but smooth sailing, and we really look forward to 2019 too!

Not too late for new years greeting from me and ADLA, here’s to the more the ravishing and astonishing year 2019 for everyone.

See you at the top!

Let’s get connected at Work Life Balance (WLB 2017)


This year, I marked another milestone by organizing the second time International Work Life Balance Forum. This year, it will be happening on 31st October 2018.

Work Life Balance (WLB 2017) covers topics on 5 key areas – wellness, spirituality, business, relationships, and financial empowering. These are core pillars to have a better home, healthy lifestyle and also managing relationship between human in holistic

IWLBF is a forward-thinking knowledge sharing platform partnering with thought leaders to discuss the future needs of WORK LIFE BALANCE for the organization and the individual, including the nation at large.

The five pillars of IWLBF for discussions include business and career, wellness, family and relationships, money matters and spiritual experiences. Participants will experience first-hand knowledge from speakers, constructive dialogues to open up discoveries of new possibilities and opportunities in a collaborative and open environment.

These five areas are essential to kick start or even a pushing factor for every entrepreneur or a person towards better direction. I have initiated a monthly platform for women who wants to grow their networking, learn and discover life strategies by other women who have successfully walked the path and share it among the invitees.

With tried and tested methodologies from experts, work life balance is all about walking the talk, creating habits, letting go of disserving beliefs and working a system. IWLBF provides essential networking opportunities where one can get to know and meet people working across different industries. At IWLBF, the stellar line-up of speakers will reveal how they instill the seemingly impossible “work life balance” discipline into their spirituality, family life, personal life & growth, finance, and community to overcome adversity and experience fulfilment in life and business.

At IWLBF, our stellar line-up of speakers will reveal how they instill the seemingly impossible ‘work life balance’ discipline into their spirituality, family life, personal growth, finance and community to overcome adversity, achieve targets, make a difference, create impact and experience fulfillment in life business.

IWLBF is also a unique opportunity for you to engage in open and honest dialogue with over 200 executives, business owners, political leaders and industry experts.

Change just doesn’t happen overnight especially if we’re taking the road less travelled. In today’s fast paced lifestyle and economic uncertainty, the world need to embrace work life balance more than ever to create lasting harmony and peace.

Discover what inspires some of the most successful business leaders, change makers, wellness experts and social influencers about this subject and their roles in cultivating this culture. The shift from discourse into action starts here.

Book a spot! Hurry up , ladies! I see you there, very soon.


CALL SYAZA 016 221 1961 -OR- 1-300-88-8585 -OR- EMAIL US AT: REGISTER@ADLA.MY

The epitome of the real country man – Tan Sri Abu Hassan Omar

I lost my dad. The weirdest and painful thing to say neither to understand. The most painful reality that every human being needs to face. There is no specific age to feel fine of losing parents. My dad was my biggest de facto in my life and career. My life purpose and a true soul mate, match made from heaven. It breaks my heart to learn that he is now somewhere where I cannot reach, call or hug him. Not anymore.

As this writing being written, it is the seventh days after his passing and also his birthday. We had the initial plan to celebrate his birthday and the rest of family, and to welcome his great-grandchildren. Supposedly, on 15th September 2018, his 78th birthday – we have planned simple celebration which it will be hosted by me and family but it turned out a tahlil for him. Even is not a celebration that I planned, but surely, he is now in better place and I still host the tahlil for him

My father – Tan Sri Abu Hassan was the 12th Selangor Menteri Besar from 6th June 1997 to 9th August 2000. With all his heart, he carried the responsibilities as Menteri Besar until the end of his term. He was too dedicated to his job and I am proud to say that Selangor was at the peak of development when my father still in the Selangor state office.

Even he was no longer running for any position in the election, my father continued to serve the community apart from playing a role during the 14th General Election. My father’s last post was as Selangor Former Elected Represen¬tatives Council chairman. His last position was Yang Dipertua Majlis Bekas Wakil Rakyat Malaysia (MUBARAK) Selangor from 2005.

My father married my mother – Puan Sri Wan Nor Daud and his love to my mother was unconditional until the day he left us. He named our family with “Hasnor” to symbolize the bonding of his love to my mother. We are a family of five – one of our brothers left us much earlier and our father was the glue that holds us together at difficult times. He was protective of everyone in the family and not even a single person missing out from his unconditional love. His warm smile and eyes will always be remembered.

Being a politician, minister and father, my father made everything impossible to possible. A dedicated countryman and father which definitely will be part of my life forever. Probably I am mature enough to stand on my own feet, but it seems I need more time to learn on his passing. Even though I have thousands of things to do, I will always put him on top of my list. For whatever reason is – he is my priority.

The last time I met him was on Thursday – 6th September, he came to my house – unplanned. He looks a bit unwell but jovial as he used to be. I just finished my interview with Sinar Harian on that day and decided to go home early and I did not know he came to my house. Allah knows best. Through delicate instincts, I changed the interview time from 4 p.m. to 12 p.m. He brought my favourite delicacies from Mak Jah’s stall that I enjoyed all her delicious kuih. He waited for me for short get together and little did I know it was his final visit to my house before he left us forever.

I try to pick up all the missing pieces of my heart and try to put together, to find strength and to be able to move on. It feels different without him and to continue my life without him certainly something very new to me and the rest of our family.

I am honored to see what he planned for Selangor during his time in office came into reality. Selangor is a huge area but the development of Selangor from rural to the city was really something that made me realize that he was the real countryman. After the news of his passing was officially announced through media online and offline, our house was humbled by thousands of visitors to pay tributes and respects to my late father.

Our bonding with the people of Selangor is really close because our father still is their point of reference and also we were raised with the great relation to the people of Selangor. Definitely, they are not strangers to us. It was also a great honor to our family when we received the news from the palace to rest his body at the Shah Alam Royal Mausoleum.

I would like to share this beautiful poem about a father. By Katherine Cannon – To Be Daddy’s Girl Again Someday

Feeling lost without him

Feeling empty too

I used to be my daddy’s girl

This I know was true.

Now that we have split apart

Gone our separate ways

I pray to God each night

To bring us back together someday.

Yet I fear this is impossible

Not right now anyway.

I still hold out hope

To be my daddy’s girl again someday.

Yet still all I can say is,

I’m feeling lost without him

Feeling empty too

Dear God I’m still praying

Please oh please to help me get through.

From the bottom of my heart and my family, we would like to offer our humble appreciation for the great honor to our late father – the Sultan of Selangor, Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah and the Tengku Permaisuri of Selangor, Tengku Permaisuri Norashikin, the management of Shah Alam Royal Mausoleum, family members, members of community, relatives and friends who keeps on sending their warm thoughts and prayers to us at this difficult time.

Bapa, till we meet again in Jannah insya allah. You have done your part to love us, giving education and being the protective father that I always remember. My love to you is eternal and with prayers, I send you back to Allah with redha.

Al Fatihah, Tan Sri Abu Hassan Omar.

15 September 1940 – 8 September 2018

Ramadhan & Syawal : The heaviest farewell

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Sending someone who you loved dearly is indeed the worst feeling. The exact feeling I have when Ramadhan dropped its curtain and make way to Syawal.

Ramadhan has been great to everyone, especially me. Through our yearly event under the project of “Spread Love” we did again this year with more participation from under privileged children, orphans and Islamic Tahfiz children’s.

The objective of this event was to celebrate and spread the love towards each other with hope that could ease the burden and bring joy to them. The connection between us and the children is strong and personally, we believe the more we share the great shall come back as deed – Insya Allah

Alhamdulillah, I was given an opportunity to be part of charity project at Mesra Home with old folks. Mesra home was founder by Puan Faizah and under the initiatives of BPW team, we visited Mesra Home for sharing thoughts and care for the 15 women who mostly have no family to look after them. I am grateful with all the chances and I am wishing them well and hope that our visit bring small light in Mesra Home. After all, Life is about caring.

On June 2018, has been wonderful experience. I was elected as Deputy President 1 for Peniagawati as well as MIM council board. This is a huge opportunity and being part of the best organizations that carry prestigious is definitely an honour. I will give my best in rendering my service and commitment to both boards.

Besides that, ADLA has been appointed as strategic partner for the Sambutan Hari Ibu Bapa Peringkat Kebangsaan for JPWKM, organized by LPPKN. It was a great honour to be part of the event and we would like to take this opportunity to express our greatest appreciation to those whom have helped us in this project. The event was officiated by Raja Perlis and the sultanah. My team and I had great time and we look forward for more partnership in developing women’s entrepreneurial as well as self-development.

Looking back my tight schedule, I am so grateful that I have wonderful family, great bonding as well as my strongest backbone – my husband. Allah showered me blessings and I will surely share more ideas and educate more as it will become my ongoing deeds to the ummah.

Till we meet again

The power of positive thinking: Simple but effective

Assalamualaikum wbt

Blessings is always something we should count of, not problem. Hence this actually related to the topic that I always enjoy to discuss – The power of attraction.

Let me share what is the law of attraction as in lament term. The Law of Attraction can be understood by understanding that ‘like attracts like’.

What this means is that whether we realize it or not, we are responsible for bringing both positive and negative influences into our lives.

A key part of the Law of Attraction is understanding that where you place your focus can have an intense impact on what happens to you.

Here’s an example:

You get up in the morning, running late, coffee spills on your clothes or maybe your hijab does not work so well? It just one bad thing after another

Reason being – you start your days with negativity and in regrets about the past or fears of the future, you’ll likely see more negativity appearing. So, it certainly looks like chain reaction.

Here’s some plot twist. If you look for the some positive spot in every experience then you’ll soon start to see positivity surrounding you every day.

This is actually quite related how the concept of “Husnuzon” applies in our daily life as a Muslim. Positive thought (Husnuzon) Vs Negative thought (Suuzon) is a consistent struggle for us to keep our mind healthy and positive.

Let me share Ayatul Quran on keeping faith on what has been arranged by Allah (Al Baqarah : 216)

In each scenario your thoughts have altered your reality to align with your beliefs. When you think about something intently (like your brand new car, or how great your day is going) you create a reality that contain the items you were thinking about (more cars like yours, or more good events throughout the day).

The beauty of these items is that they clearly demonstrate that your thoughts have repercussions. Without even having to do anything, you can see daily evidence of the Law of Attraction. Seeing this evidence will give you more faith in your ability to create your reality through managing your thoughts.

Let me share how you can engage the principal law of attraction to improve your life (image credit to google) :

Till we meet again & Salam Ramadhan!